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Sex with Robots: An Update 0

The media has been doing a lot on sexbots in the past week. It started with this Campaign against Sex Robots. Is it for real? Apparently so. I mean, not just anyone can start a WordPress site, right? I confess I don’t entirely understand the argument in the paper posted by the campaign’s founders. But [...]

Two New Posts, Elsewhere 0

I’ve done some writing for other sites lately. I have a piece on sex and evolutionary psychology for the terrific British magazine Aeon: And the fascinating on-line journal Psychology Tomorrow did an issue on “Sexuality Tomorrow”. I wrote a piece for them about the ethics of desire discrepancy. Check out the whole issue, [...]

Sex with Robots: A Digest 0

  Sex with robots seems to be a hot topic right now. At least, I’ve been talking a lot about it lately. You can find my paper on the topic here. You can hear me talk about the issue on the Sexpodden podcast. Other than my interview it’s in Swedish. I start at the 5:30 [...]

How Do We Teach and Cite Moral Monsters? (The Arthur Koestler Problem) 0

The wonderful Eric Schliesser asked me to write a guest post on his blog, Digressions and Impressions. The question I address is: how do we cite and teach the work of scholars who we know to have committed unconscionable acts, given that in doing so we create the celebrity that allows them to victimise others? [...]

Are Women Programmed to Avoid Casual Sex? 3

  In the late seventies and eighties, psychologists did a series of tests to see how receptive undergraduates are to casual sex. They hired people (whom the studies refer to as “requestors”) to stand in the middle of different college campuses, and to walk up to total strangers of the opposite sex. The requestor would [...]

Forget-Me-Nows for Everyone! The Ethics of Anti-Love Drugs 0

If you like love, drugs, and/or philosophy, you may have heard of the work by a group of ethicists at Oxford – Brian Earp, Anders Sandberg, and Julian Savulescu (and yes that is an Oxford comma by the way) – on what they call “the neuro-enhancement of human relationships”. If you haven’t, you should read [...]

Should We Make Sex Normal? 2

  Professor Debby Herbenick of Indiana University, one of our foremost experts on all things sexual and a tireless proponent of “sex positivity”, has started a campaign to, as she puts it, “make sex normal”. Herbenick told Salon that she hopes to promote discussion and education about sex in order to make sex “almost mundane”, [...]

Against Sexual Solutionism 1

  I have just started reading the fascinating new book by Evgeny Morozov, To Save Everything, Click Here. The book is a critique specifically of internet utopianism – the belief that technology alone is going to create a perfect world – but he interprets it as a symptom of a broader mindset, which he calls [...]

Hey Nica Noelle, Just Call It Feminist Porn Already! 1

  The Good for Her Feminist Porn Awards are this weekend.  The fabulous Nica Noelle, who is nominated for a million of them and whose films you should start watching immediately, has a post on the Huffington Post explaining why she is not actually, as she is often taken to be, a feminist pornographer.  Now [...]

Legal phrase of the year 0

Amid all the hype about gay marriage, people may not have noticed McDonald v Moose, which came down March 12, in which the Fourth Circuit ruled that Virginia’s anti-sodomy provision “facially violates the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.” Well okay then.