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Lawrence v. Texas and the Right to Have Sex 1

It began as a love triangle. In 1998, Tyron Garner and John Lawrence were arrested for having sex in Lawrence’s apartment. The police came to the apartment, which they entered without a warrant, because they had received an anonymous call claiming there was a man inside “going crazy in the apartment and he was armed [...]

Pretty Little Lies: On the Morality of Seductive Deception 0

Have you ever lied to get someone into bed? If you answered “no”, congratulations. You are in august company. Immanuel Kant definitely never did, since he was a Kantian about lying, and (as far as we know, and perhaps not coincidentally) he died a virgin. If it’s true that Abraham Lincoln never told a lie, [...]

Getting to Yes 3

The Telegraph recently reported that a man in France has been fined $14,000 for refusing to have sex with his wife… for twenty-one years. I read a couple of commentaries on-line that suggested this judgement should be objectionable to women – despite the fact that the defendant in the case was in fact a man. [...]