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Lawrence v. Texas and the Right to Have Sex 1

It began as a love triangle. In 1998, Tyron Garner and John Lawrence were arrested for having sex in Lawrence’s apartment. The police came to the apartment, which they entered without a warrant, because they had received an anonymous call claiming there was a man inside “going crazy in the apartment and he was armed [...]

Epicurus and Ancient Hedonism 1

Of all history’s great philosophers, Epicurus is the one who you might expect to be keenest on sex. He was a hedonist. His basic premiss is that pleasure is the greatest human good, and that we should devote ourselves to pursuing it. Sex produces an awful lot of pleasure. Therefore we should have a lot [...]

The Greeks and their Akrasiophobia 2

  In the coming days I want to examine what some important Greek philosophers had to say about sex. But first I want to provide a bit of context for their views. The Greeks had nothing against sex in and of itself. They accepted desire as a perfectly natural urge, one that deserved satisfaction like [...]