Sex with Robots: An Update

The media has been doing a lot on sexbots in the past week. It started with this Campaign against Sex Robots. Is it for real? Apparently so. I mean, not just anyone can start a WordPress site, right? I confess I don’t entirely understand the argument in the paper posted by the campaign’s founders. But it seems to be something like: if we have sexbots, people will see the robots as mere sex objects, and this will (somehow) encourage them to see women as sex objects rather than agents; also, people will start to see the sexbots as agents rather than mere sex objects, which is also bad.

I was interviewed by both the Huffington Post and CBC’s The National about the campaign.

I missed this feature article in Reason Magazine from last April, which is worth a read if you’re interested in this stuff.

Sexbots apparently feature prominently in Margaret Atwood’s new novel, which is out today. I think they might even look like Oprah.

The Guardian has a piece on a super cute new Japanese robot – but don’t get any ideas, because you’re not allowed to have sex with it.

I would like this site to be your clearing house for all sexbot-related news, so don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you find something of relevance.

Image: Concept art for a sexbot for the movie Elysium, not used in the film

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