The 2014 U of M Student Philosophy Conference



The University of Manitoba

2014 Philosophy/Ethics Centre Student Conference

Sunday March 23

Forks Ballroom West, Inn at the Forks, Winnipeg


9:30-10:30 Coffee and snacks



Justin Plumridge, “How to be a Libertarian”

Nikki Fortier, “The Meager Freedoms of the Poor”

Damian Melamedoff, “Kant’s Direct Realism”


12:00-1:00 Lunch



Nick Tanchuk, “Justifying Bill-18: A Critique of Kymlicka’s Comprehensive Neutrality”

Jesse Harms, “Disabilities and Political Justice”

Nick Novelli, “Cyborg feminism: A primer on 21st-century gender politics”


2:15-2:30 Break



Suzanne De Luca, “Cross-Cultural Understanding and the Promotion of Self-Respect”

Matt Sheedy, “Squeezing the Philosophy of Religion Through the Wringer of Social Theory Till it Bleeds”

Kyle Labelle, “Nicaragua – A Service Learning Experience”